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Conversational search on your unstructured data.  

Aryn brings generative AI to OpenSearch and data preparation for high-quality answers.

100% open source and built for developers.

Aryn Conversational
Search Stack


Integrated one-stop shop from data ingestion to conversational APIs, enabling developers to easily build conversational search applications and scale them to production in days instead of months. The stack includes OpenSearch, an enterprise-grade search platform, conversational APIs, and Sycamore, a new semantic data preparation system. 


Large language models (LLMs) need to be prompted with prepared, enterprise data to generate high-quality answers. The missing link is Sycamore, a robust and scalable semantic data preparation system. Sycamore uses LLMs for unlocking the semantic meaning of unstructured data and preparing it for retrieval-augmented generation (RAG) pipelines and generative AI.


The stack is 100% open source (Apache License v2.0), which gives developers the freedom to customize and build without "vendor lock-in." Easily choose and experiment with different generative AI models and customize prompts, without needing to become an expert in AI and search.




Aryn's mission is to answer questions from all of your data. Our passion is data and AI in the cloud. With the recent flurry of advances in AI, we believe that seamlessly processing and querying unstructured data is within reach. Towards this, we founded Aryn to re-imagine enterprise search.


Up to 90% of enterprise data generated is unstructured, and requires search technologies to make it useful. Today's options require significant tuning, complex data preparation, and rummaging through result sets. Instead, what if you could just ask questions of your data, and easily get accurate and crisp answers?


We use LLMs as assistants to enhance and simplify the data pipelines that comprise search stacks. Also, we provide a semantic data preparation system, Sycamore, for getting getting quality answers from LLMs and RAG pipelines. We handle the complexity of scaling, security, and manageability. And, it's all 100% open source.

Aryn (pronounced "air-in") means "high mountain." Over 90% of data today is unstructured, leaving enterprises with mountains of data that are difficult to conquer. Our goal is to help you summit that peak.


Leadership Team

Aryn's team includes leaders with decades of big data, AI, and cloud experience from AWS, Google Cloud, Stripe, Dremio, HP, IBM, Yahoo!, and Meta.


CEO, Co-founder

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Mehul Shah

Mehul is the CEO and co-founder of Aryn. Most recently, he was an executive at AWS and Google Cloud. At AWS, he helped create and launch OpenSearch as well as found and grow AWS Glue and Lake Formation. Prior to that, he was founder and CEO of Amiato, a cloud ETL service (acquired). He was also a scientist at HP Labs where he published in top-tier database and systems conferences and won several awards. He earned his PhD in databases from U.C. Berkeley, and degrees in CS and Physics from MIT.


CTO, Co-founder

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Ben Sowell

Ben is the CTO and co-founder of Aryn. He has worked with data for his entire career and was most recently a principal engineer at AWS, where he spent time working on critical components of Amazon Redshift and helped found and scale AWS Glue and Lake Formation. Before that he was an early employee at Amiato, a cloud ETL service (acquired). He earned his PhD from Cornell University in the database group, and holds a computer science degree from Carleton College.


CPO, Founding team

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Jon Fritz

Jon is the founding Chief Product Officer at Aryn. Prior to that, he was the SVP of Product Management at Dremio, a data lake company. Earlier, Jon was a Director at AWS, and led product management for in-memory database services (ElastiCache and MemoryDB for Redis), Amazon EMR (Apache Spark and Hadoop), and founded and was GM of the blockchain division. Jon has an MBA from Stanford Graduate School of Business and a B.A. in Chemistry from Washington University in St. Louis.


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Other notable investors: Lip-Bu Tan, Amarjit Gill

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